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Why Wall Decals Are Awesome

As an expectant parent one of the most exciting things you can do as you anticipate the arrival of your precious bundle is to prepare their nursery. Choosing the bassinet or cot, adorable sheets, teeny tiny clothes and soft toys is such an exciting part and helps to make the whole thing feel more 'real'. 

Depending on whether you own the house, are renting or just don't have the energy painting the walls can be a no-no and even if you can paint the walls they can still appear pretty bare. That is where Wall Decals come into play. They are adorable, fun, add character, are removable and repositionable.

The team at Graffiti Kids have more kids between us than we can count so we understand the thrill and joy that comes from preparing that newborn nursery and how important it becomes for it to look just the way you pictured (hello third trimester nesting stage). We also know that as babies and children grow their interests (and opinions) grow and change too. Wall Decals make the transition from nursery to toddler, pre-school and primary school rooms easy. Simply peel the old designs off and replace with new designs. Best of all the old designs can be stored and used again and again and again!

The Wall Decals we produce here at Graffiti Kids are made from high-quality material that does not lose it's stickability (lets pretend that's a word) use after use. Due to the quality of the decals they are thick enough that applying them is easy and if you aren't happy with their location you can easily reposition them with no effort required to lift them up, yet no stick lost on reapplication. The inks we use are also green friendly and safe for us in children's rooms so you have nothing to worry about other than what design you will choose!

Whether you have a newborn on the way, a sassy toddler who has outgrown her 'baby' room or an adventurous pre-schooler who is only interested if it has something to do with superheros, Graffiti Kids has something for you. 

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