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Pretty Fearless
Pretty Fearless
Pretty Fearless
Pretty Fearless
Pretty Fearless

Pretty Fearless

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Pretty Fearless

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Teaching our children to be fearless in their beliefs, convictions and pursuits is a huge part of developing their self esteem and confidence. Letting them know it is ok to have their own opinion and to stand up for what they believe in is something we need to remind them every day. Unfortunately for many it is not easy to stand out and be different so those that are become a source of inspiration for those that are trying to get there. This is nothing short of amazing, and so is Jessica Smith who has designed our Fearless decal.

There is absolutely no doubt that Jessica is fearless; fearless in her beliefs, fearless in her convictions and fearless in her pursuits. 

Jessica Smith is a gold medallist Paralympian swimmer, motivational speaker, author and mum to two. Jess has used her platform to share her experience as a Paralympian as well as a strong and brave eating disorder survive. Jess has written a series of books called 'Little Miss Jessica'. The first book is called 'Little Miss Jessica Goes to School' and creates awareness as well as breaking down stigmas associated with disability, body image, self acceptance, friendship, social interaction, self esteem and stereotypes.

Jess has dedicated her work to empowering children and women as well as promoting positive body image working on many campaigns such as Join the Revolution, Aim For The Stars and COPE.

Jess is acutely aware of the world our children are being brought into and works tirelessly to do what she can to create a positive, understanding and accepting climate. 

Jess's story and mine are far too similar for it to have been a coincidence that our paths crossed, Jess is a constant source of inspiration to me and I couldn't be more grateful our children have a true role model like Jess to look up to. 

Follow Jess on Instagram @jessicasmith27

Read more about Jess on her website

Purchase Jess's book here 

Product details:
The Pretty Fearless decal set comes with; 

  • 1 x Quote: 385mmW x 250mmH
  • 8 x Large Star(Solid): 30mm 
  • 8 x Small Star(Solid): 20mm 
  • 6 x Large Star (Glitter): 30mm 
  • 6 x Medium Star: 25mm 
  • 6 x Small star(Glitter): 20mm 

Included in the set is a template to place the decals as we suggest, however feel free to create your own design and don't forget to share it with us, we love nothing more than seeing how our wonderful customers bring their walls to life. 

For additional product information and installation tips and tricks visit our Product Information and Installation page.