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Pretty Positive
Pretty Positive
Pretty Positive
Pretty Positive
Pretty Positive
Pretty Positive

Pretty Positive

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Pretty Positive

 A lesson I have learnt over the years that has made a huge difference to my mental state is that we cannot always control what happens in our lives, what we can control is how we respond and react. Lets teach our kids this valuable lesson early and inspire them to view life as fun, great and positive. Everything happens for a reason and everything can be viewed as a learning experience, see the positive and life will be fun and great.

This fabulous message and decal has been designed by Ben and Paul, the owners of Hybrid Training, which is an incredible gym filled with community spirit and joy.

The story starts the same as many, two best friends who are into fitness open a gym. The rest of the story, however, is like no other. Ben and Paul opened the doors to their gym 7 years ago with a vision, what they have created in these 7 years is nothing short of amazing. A gym filled with love and support, genuine enthusiasm for health and fitness, a supportive community that loves nothing more than to see their peers succeed.

They truly embody everything it takes to create an environment where people can work on themselves, challenge themselves and feel proud. There is no focus on weight loss or diets, instead, they are constantly providing their years of experience and proven methods to help individuals improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Their motto is Hard Work Pays Off - they don't believe in short cuts or promises of achieving a bikini body in 8 weeks, they are about balance, happiness, fun and long term results.

This is the exact environment and message we want our children to be surrounded by and the reason we needed our self-empowerment allies to be a part of this collection.

Follow Hybrid Training on Instagram @hybrid__training

Have a look at the Hybrid Training website and be sure to check out their blogs and sign up so you don't miss out on the weekly inspiration, motivation and information they share

If you are in the Hornsby area be sure to pop in to see what the buzz is all about!

Product details:
The Pretty Positive Cloud set comes with; 

  • 1 x Cloud (Large): 330mmW x 90mmH
  • 18 x Big circle: 20mm
  • 28 x Small Circle: 12mm

The Pretty Positive Heart set comes with; 

  • 1 x Blue heart quote bubble: 270mmW x 210mmH
  • 6 x Large Heart: 50mmW x 45mmH
  • 20 x Small Heart: 30mmW x 28mmH

Included in the set is a template to place the decals as we suggest, however feel free to create your own design and don't forget to share it with us, we love nothing more than seeing how our wonderful customers bring their walls to life. 

For additional product information and installation tips and tricks visit our Product Information and Installation page.