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Product Information

All of our wall decals are made on a white matte vinyl film with a clear adhesive. The adhesive is specially designed to be able to be repositioned without compromising the ultimate bond. The decals are printed onto this purpose made vinyl and meticulously cut on our machines providing a perfect result time and time again. The decals do not have any clear or white edging which creates a seamless painted on effect on the walls.

All of our wall decals are printed with an eco-solvent making them safe for little one’s rooms.

Please note that while we aim to display the colours of our decals accurately on the website, the actual colours you see on your device will depend on the screen resolution of your monitor. As such we cannot guarantee that the display of any colour will exactly reflect the colour of the actual product. 


Installation Information

 Please note you are responsible for obtaining the permission or consent of the owner of the surface to which you intend to apply our decals.

Graffiti Kids wall decals are produced on a matte vinyl film with a clear adhesive and come pre-cut on backing paper making for a simple peel and stick installation. Due to the nature of our decals they can be applied to many flat and clean surface. It is not recommended to install our wall decals on very textured or porous surfaces such as brick, cement and rendered walls.

In addition to our decals being very easy to apply, they are also extremely easy to remove and reposition or reuse. They are very unlikely to damage the paint or leave any residue from the adhesive.

Recommended Installation Method:

  • Ensure the surface is clean using a damp cloth. Do not use oils or cleaning products as they may damage the adhesive and cause the decals to lift
  • Wait until the surface is completely dry before applying decals
  • Plan where you would like to position the decals, even though they are easy to reposition the more you do it initially the more likely you are to impact the effectiveness of the adhesive. This is due to the decal picking up dust, dirt or oils. To plan your design you can cut the wall decals with the backing paper still attached and blue-tac them to the surface till you are happy with the design. Each set of decals is sent with a template page for the layout as we have designed, please feel free to follow this or create your own design.
  • Once you are happy with the design begin placing the decals on the surface. We recommend starting with the largest decal first, or if there are different rows for your design, start from the bottom up. For the larger decals you may want two people and please start by pulling the backing paper down only halfway before beginning. You can then continue smoothing and pulling the backing paper in segments. Don’t forget to step back as you are positioning the decals to make sure they are sitting as you intend.
  • Using a squeegee or credit card wrapped with a soft cloth smooth out the decals ensuring there are no creases or bubbles. If there are bubbles or creases you may need to gently lift that side of the decal and press down to adhere again.
  • Once the wall decal has been secured to the surface apply firm pressure in a circular, rubbing motion for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Within the first 24 hours it is normal for the decals to lift slightly on the sides or develop bubbles, this is due to the adhesive expanding and contracting and getting used to its new surface as well as dust or dirt being present. If this does occur press down the sides firmly again using either a squeegee or credit card wrapped with a soft cloth. If the surface has not been properly prepared or the paint is a non-stick paint this may continue past the initial 24 hours, continue to secure down the edges each day for the first week and you shouldn’t experience any further lifting.


Additional Information:

  • Ensure wall has been properly prepared, do not use cleaning products or oils to clean the wall or surface, simply clean with a damp cloth. Leave enough time for the surface to completely dry
  • Do not place our wall decals on surfaces that have been painted in the last 30 days, you need to provide adequate time for the paint to thoroughly dry to avoid damaging the surface and the wall decals
  • Please note that non-stick and Teflon based paints will make it difficult for the wall decals to adhere to. Whilst it is great for keeping unwanted messes off the walls it can also keep wall decals off the walls!
  • Do not place decals close to fireplace as the heat will affect the decals adhesive
  • Most of our decals can easily be applied by one person, however when installing the larger decals, you may want a spare pair of hands and an extra set of eyes
  • Try not to overhandle the wall decal as this can lead to dust, dirt and oils impacting the adhesive
  • If you wish to remove the decals it is simply a matter of lifting from one edge and carefully peeling off. If however the decals have been in one spot for a long period of time you may find it easier to slightly heat the wall to 38 to 49 Degrees C with a hair dryer. If you have kept the backing paper replace the decals onto the backing paper for storage. If you no longer have the backing paper a roll of kitchen baking paper will work to adhere the decals to.
  • To reapply the decal to a new surface or room simply follow the initial installation instructions


If you have followed all of the steps and instructions above and you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our friendly team and a staff member will get back to you as quickly as possible to assist.


You can also view our helpful video demonstrating how easy it is to install our amazing Wall Decals on YouTube via this link

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